1 on 1 training

These sessions are for those who want to maximize their progress. With one on one training you will get a personally tailored program designed to suit your goals and trained by a highly qualified coach. at the end of these sessions we aim to have not only put you through a great workout but also learnt a thing or two.

2 on 1 training

Similar to one on one training but with a friend! these sessions are great if you want the extra motivation (or competition) of having a partner in your workout.

Online Training

Foundation Fitness offers one of the most comprehensive online training experiences on offer. With our online training program you have access to the online portal as well as a mobile app. From the app workouts, nutritional guidance and constant support from a highly qualified trainer are all in the palm of your hands.

All programs are tailored made for you to suit your goal and can be adjusted to suit your hours or environment. so if you are in the gym or workout at home we can help you achieve your goals.

For the more experienced trainer. If you are comfortable in the gym but are feeling like your training is getting stale, or want to take it up to the next level this is for you. Block programs are periodized workout plans to help smash plateaus and get you to the best you can be. Block programs range from 4-6 weeks and are tailored to your goals. After a talk to a highly qualified coach your program will be made and you will be on your way.

Block Training Programs

As a qualified Exercise Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach we offer sports club consulting. This can range from a one of education session for the team to ongoing training sessions for the club. These are aimed to educate and improve athletes in regards to sports performance, running mechanics and injury prevention methodologies.

Sports Club Consulting